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Bee News!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

We have new and exciting news regarding our bees!  As some of you have realized, the patio is right in the bee flight path so the bees fly over our heads (and sometimes into my head!) as they go about their business.  This used to be less of a problem when the bees were hidden behind the shrubs.  But since the bees aren’t behind the shrubs any longer, we’re all in the same space.

Recently, our awesome bee keepers found some information in the American Bee Journal that shows that bee friendly bushes (like holly) will not only flower (keeping the bees happy), but will also serve as a means to make the bees fly up and over the hedge and thus, over our heads instead of into them!  Sounds like a win-win, right?

The news gets better!  Our awesome bee keepers and some of our equally awesome gardeners researched this win-win situation and donated some holly bushes for our garden!  Now, I love holly bushes!  Don’t you?  Turns out, so do bees and birds!  Another win-win!  The hollies will be planted in big pots and will service the garden, the bees, and the birds for years.

Stay tuned for an update from our bee keepers.  And, when the time comes, enjoy our beautiful new holly bushes!  Each time you pass by, pause to thank our gardeners for their hard work and kind donations. 


More garden news!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The honey extractor is featured in the latest Queen Village Crier!
Well done bee keepers and gardeners!

LOVE Your Park Week is coming up.  A week full of awesome activities.

What a glorious day today!
See you tomorrow.

Cheers, Cyndi

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

I’m taking a bit of time from work (actually, I’m eating lunch while I type) to share some exciting news about green spaces in Philadelphia!

Frommers listed Philadelphia as one of the 10 best cities in the world for parks!   I certainly value our parks, from the beautiful Logan Circle to the smallest pocket park.

Gardeners below Wash Ave are familiar with Jefferson Park, but are the rest of us? What a gem! Their friends group is having a clean up this weekend. Let me know if you would like to volunteer and I’ll send along the info.

More good news:  The garden will be participating in the first sustainability fair June 2nd. We will be hosting interested guests around 2pm for brief talks on bees, the green roof, and all sorts of composting.  I have a great group of volunteers, but welcome more! Let me know if you are interested. Somebody started a rumor that a cold beer might be waiting for volunteers after the event!

Garden clean up this weekend. I’ll see you there after boot camp!