I’m taking a bit of time from work (actually, I’m eating lunch while I type) to share some exciting news about green spaces in Philadelphia!

Frommers listed Philadelphia as one of the 10 best cities in the world for parks!   I certainly value our parks, from the beautiful Logan Circle to the smallest pocket park.

Gardeners below Wash Ave are familiar with Jefferson Park, but are the rest of us? What a gem! Their friends group is having a clean up this weekend. Let me know if you would like to volunteer and I’ll send along the info.

More good news:  The garden will be participating in the first sustainability fair June 2nd. We will be hosting interested guests around 2pm for brief talks on bees, the green roof, and all sorts of composting.  I have a great group of volunteers, but welcome more! Let me know if you are interested. Somebody started a rumor that a cold beer might be waiting for volunteers after the event!

Garden clean up this weekend. I’ll see you there after boot camp!



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