Meet Emmie, a new friend of the garden…

Emmie is a grad student at Penn in education and will be student-teaching at Meredith Elementary this fall. Emmie wanted to learn more about important assets in the community of her future students, so she contacted the garden and we arranged a visit.

Emmie had a great time and received lots of info for her project. By the end of her visit she had learned about City Harvest and both the Sadie Glover Blossom Summer Camp and the Seniors at Riverview Courtyard, and met Barry Perrin, the Social Services Director there. She met the people from Fleisher’s ColorWheels program who were giving an art program for local kids in the garden. She also met Jeff Hornstein from QVNA as well as other gardeners and Lisa Mosca from PHS. She learned about Essene‚Äôs involvement in the community — it was like a one-stop shopping experience only with research!

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