The Garden Bar-B-Q

the ticket takers…hard at work?

much discussion about nothing

the keepers on heaven and earth

bar-b-q…any questions?

serves you right

it’s called a party

On Sat. Sept 15, we held the annual garden Bar-B-Q. A great time was had by all. We enjoyed visitors from all over the city and from as far away as Florida and Israel

israel meets america

The food as usual was beyond magnificent, between the Bar-B-Q ed meats and the variety of side dishes and desserts, no one left hungry even if they were on a diet.

take all you can eat…but eat all that you take

The music provided by Scott and his crew kept everyone entertained. A big thanks to all who worked and planned and made it all happen!

the bells of monroe st.

our founder found her way back for the food

dessert…oh yea!!

officers meet

after the fire has gone out… it’s safe to stand near the pit

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